Chef Recommends Formosa’s Authentic Chinese Food

Formosa at Kirby Gate

2011 Best Chinese Restaurant Finalist - Formosa

Meet Kenny Ker, owner of  Formosa restaurant at Kirby Rd. and Quince Rd.  He is in his twenty-sixth year at Formosa and his talent as a chef and dedication continue to grow.  Formosa restaurant has been in business for 35 years in Memphis.

As I spoke with him about his customers and their favorite dishes I could since his enthusiasm as he began to list dish after dish.  He showed me an entire wall of nothing but framed awards his restaurant has received over 35 years.  The most recent one is the 2011 Finalist award he received for Best Chinese restaurant given by Memphis Magazine. 

He is very proud of his sizable menu because he prepares the only authentic chinese dishes in Memphis.  Customer’s favorites are his hot sour soup, sesame chicken, spring rolls and of course the delicious, crispy  fried chicken that comes with any entrée at lunch.

Kenny has recently added a new dish called Dah Chine Shrimp.  Shrimps lightly breaded and stir fried with snow peas, green pepper, onions, celery and sweet red pepper in a brown sauce.  He says it is “Chef Recommended”.

Formosa restaurant is located at
6685 Quince Rd Memphis,TN  38119
Tel.  (901) 753-9898


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