What is a Wellness Clinic?

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Wellness First Inc.What costs companies more money than just about anything else?  If you think it is workplace injuries, health care costs and long-term disability then you are correct!  And, wellness clinics are beneficial for individuals as well.

The goal of wellness facilities is to achieve optimal overall wellness. Whether you suffer from a debilitating disease such as cancer or are plagued with chronic pain or stress issues, these medical centers offer a variety of services to enhance quality of life.

From traditionally trained physicians to a diverse pool of therapists and alternative  professionals, wellness clinics can help you overcome just about any health obstacle with an integrated multi-discipline approach.

Wellness First was established in 1995 by one woman with one goal in mind, deliver comprehensive wellness care in a safe, compassionate atmosphere.  This company provides personalized care in a walk-in setting with such services as:

  • Immunizations,
  • Drug and alcohol testing,
  • DNA/Paternity testing,
  • B-12 shots,
  • Lipo B Shots

It also works along side large companies providing health and wellness programs as well as blood draws and health profiles that help save time and money.  In addition, we are determined to give back to the community offering classes in CPR, first aid training and health fairs.   Wellness first is much more than The Shot Center

Wellness First, Inc. offers:

    * OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) compliant walk-in facility
* Mobile services in 480 zip codes
* GIS (General Information Services) background check, the most extensive, annually audited background check system in the world
* Emergency services available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
* Turnaround time is less than 3 days
AND, to serve you better…
* We can alter all our services to fit your schedule and objectives.

Wellness First Inc is conveniently located at 2725 Kirby Rd, Memphis, TN  38119.

Tel.  (901)753-8148
Fax  (901)759-1184


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