Partnering With Security Benefits Community

Security One

Security Patrol

Since the 1990’s Kirby Gate Business Center has been in partnership with Security One, Inc. to provide 24 hour security coverage for all businesses located on all of their campuses.

In that time we have seen the size and scope of businesses and security services grow dramatically.  The costs of the security services provided are spread between all of the tenants based on the size and footprint of each business.  There are a wide range of security services provided in this program, and all have been adapted to address the needs of each individual  business.

The dedicated security patrol will patrol each of the centers in a slow and continuous manner with alternating routes, so as not to establish a routine or pattern.  The patrol unit is marked with Security One logo and emergency lighting.  The unit will patrol with its emergency lights operating for maximum visibility.  The patrol will assist with traffic congestion, aid stranded motorists and provide any assistance that is requested.

Security One, Inc. has been in business since 1973 and employs over 600 Officers across 5 states.

Since Security One employs many retired police officers, they have the expertise to provide one-on-one security analysis to each individual business.


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