Unique Small Store Offers Premium Tobacco

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The Tobacco Zone on Kirby Parkway is unique and prides itself with the freshest blend of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco to be found in all of the Memphis, TN area.  Best of all, their competitive prices are guaranteed to keep your wallet happy!

The Tobacco Zone provides a wide variety of tobacco related products that are designed to satisfy every taste.

Reasons to visit the Tobacco Zone:

In addition to the large inventory of tobacco related products, they also carry Specialty Smoking Products

  • Hookah pipes are a way of smoking tobacco that has been cooled by water before being inhaled. This large water pipe originally came from India, but is particularly associated with the Middle East, especially Iran and Turkey. Its popularity with smokers of legal substances has grown over the years as it also offers the opportunity to be shared socially.

Other names Hookahs are referred to include: the narghile, hubble bubble pipe, or shisha being quite common. The pipes come in many different shapes and sizes, some with ornate decorations that make them attractive as ornamental, as well as practical, pieces.

Using a Hookah Pipe

At the base of the pipe is a glass vase that is filled with water, and a down stem is submerged. At the top of the pipe, tobacco is heated then smoke is produced and is sucked through a hose down the stem into the water in the vase at the bottom. The smoke then rises above the water and into the opening of the hose port, then reaching the mouth of the smoker.  Another real benefit to using a Hookah pipe is no need for ashtrays.

  • Premium Cigars are characterized by superiority in taste, aroma, preparation and overall appearance.  Only the most experienced torcedores are trusted with the process of creating a premium cigar to justify its price and reputation.  These experts know how to make the cigar burn smoothly at just the right rate of speed.

Premium cigars are made exclusively from full-sized leaves that run the entire length of the cigar.  Great attention to carefully picking and handling these leaves is a must.  They must be aged and stored impeccably intact.  Aging is the most important part of the premium cigar process because it needs time to develop and cure.

 The Tobacco Zone is conveniently located at 2857 Kirby Road, Memphis -(901) 748-5031.

** Federal Law regulates the use of tobacco products, and sets the age at 18 years old.

** How to quit smoking links CDC –  How to Quit Smoking


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